This page is made so that more people can be aware of and use a nice free messenger with many features and no ads.
This messenger is called "Psi" and is one of many clients that can use the Jabber network. The Jabber network has many different servers that you can join and use, unlike MSN or ICQ where the servers are localized and you are forced to use whichever ones they deem fit.
In my opinion, the Psi client has much potential and, having a simple ICQ style interface, it is fairly simple to use after all the servers and services are set up.
There are a variety of servers, each which have different services which include other messenger transports (MSN, ICQ, Yahoo!, etc), user directory listings, groupchat, etc.
So, if you are interested in looking at the Psi client further, head over to the Psi website. Iif you would like to read up on the Jabber protocol and network, you can head over to the Jabber website. Of course, you can always get the Psi client for the operating system you use and the language you want.